School Mission, Vision and Aims

Our School Mission Statement is “Living and learning through Faith, Hope and Love.”  This is taken from 1 Corinthians 1:13.

Our School Vision reflects our commitment to providing our children with a high quality inclusive education inspired by Christian Values and the teachings of Jesus.  Working in partnership with our parents and families, our Church, the local and global community, we foster a love for learning, self-confidence and respect for others that will prepare our children for lifelong learning and faith.

Our School Aims are to enable every child to:

 learn how to live their lives according to Christian Values, develop their spirituality and understand their growing relationship with God

be an independent and motivated learner who is aware of their talents and strengths

be able to express themselves confidently and to achieve their full potential

have access to all they need to be healthy, safe and successful in all aspects of life

have access and contribute to a broad, balanced and creative curriculum which excites them and their learning

understand they are an individual within a school, local and global community

be aware and respectful of other cultural and social backgrounds

be resilient, have a positive attitude and always give their best.

Parentapps Connect

Our free communication app allows us to provide parents with instant access to our important messages and up to date school information.

Please contact the school office if you have not received your personal invite.