Online Safety

Children at Weeton St Michael’s have access to a range of online materials that enrich and extend teaching and learning opportunities.

The benefits to teaching and learning are many and varied, such as sharing information with children from other countries, accessing news and current affairs, and accessing information for research and new skills.

However, we have to be aware of the risks of having an online life. We educate our children to stay safe online through both Key Stages.

This is a link to the Lancashire Safety Children Board which provides essential information for Parents and Carers for children who are online.

As part of the National Online Safety’s National Wake Up Wednesday campaign, they have created a FREE guide for our school to share to its community about Roblox, the online game which is dubbed by its makers as ‘the largest interactive social platform for play’.

The guide informs parents about the dangers associated with the platform and how they can reduce the associated risks, including, but not limited to; ‘Chatting to Strangers’, ‘Griefing’ and ‘Cyberbullying’, ‘Online Payments’ and ‘Information Sharing’.

Please click the following links to view:

Vodaphone – Digital Parenting

UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS)

Know IT All Resources – Childnet


Lancashire Grid for Learning e-safety